(Currently in process)

SOFTLAMP.autonomies is a dance co-created by Malik Nashad Sharpe (who regularly choreographs under the alias marikiscryrycry) and Ellen Furey, built on desires to embody not-yet-here, not-yet-attainable notions of solidarities across borders. It moves, dreams, and longs for re-configured and indeterminate conceptions of personal autonomy. Solo practices rub up against each other in order to test modalities of compassion and fellowship and also to generate pluralistic aesthetics that suggest possibilities beyond incessant nationalist and/or authoritarian visions conjuring coping mechanisms, anxiety rituals, theories, and more, as keys to our emotional survival in frightening times. SOFTLAMP.autonomies is an emptied slogan repurposed as a dance-floor ^ office with windows that open onto potential ruptures in the present, recurrent, hegemonic push. Our giant blood aunt, *Vaporwave, along with the invisible and undisclosed labour of each of her creators, embraces us in an aesthetic and under-dramatic, ultra midnight hug.

Dramaturgy by Dana Michel, lighting design by Paul Chambers. The piece will have benefitted from residencies at studio 303 (mtl), M-ai (mtl), chisenhale dance space (london uk), and la chapelle (mtl) made possible with research/creation funding from the canada council.

SOFTLAMP.autonomies opens at Theatre La Chapelle on April 23 and runs April 26, 30th and May 3, 2018 (alternating shows with Andrew Tay, François Lalumière, and Katrszyna Szugajew’s, Fame Prayer Eating on April 23, 24, 27th and May 1st)