project called residency

was a collaboration between Robert Abubo, Amanda Acorn, Ellen Furey, Benjamin Kamino, Simon Portigal, Christopher Willes. Documentation by Dorian Nuskind-Oder. Studio 303, Montreal, August 2015.

This occasion is the building of a temporary architectural structure within a given space (studio 303). This occasion-space will function as platform for our simultaneous individual lines of inquiry. We take the concept of residency as content; as material; taking up residence somewhere as a collective embodied action. Over-saturation as a mode of doing that seeks to productively push back against the context in which the residency takes place – intentionally asking for too much time, too much space, too many resources, and offering too many activities and too much communication for the public (and maybe ourselves) to possibly interface with the project as a whole… in a way insisting of the doing of the residency as being a space for continually testing the boundaries of our temporary structure requiring it to continually adapt to the pressures of such an intentionally over-saturated mode of collective doing.